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Last Dance

Book 2

One Last Goodbye

Book 3

The Last to Remember

Book 4

Until Our Last Embrace

Book 5

For The Last Time

Book 6

Dreams Don't Last

Book 7

Last Fires Burning

Book 8

Glory's Last Victim

Book 9

Last Rites

Oct. 2004

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Last One Down

February 2005

Book 11

Before the Last Lap

August 2005

Book 12

The First Shall Be Last

June 2007

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Dreams Don't Last


Old Talbot Mill (DSG Staff Photo / Joyce Lavene)



Cover Story...

Senator Talbot Shot at old Mill.

Senator Caison Talbot is one of Sheriff Sharyn Howard’s least favorite people, even though he’s engaged to marry her mother. Yet, when he’s accused of murder and a long forgotten secret in his past is revealed, Sharyn finds herself in the difficult position of defending him and looking for the truth.

It’s summer and election fever is running high! Sharyn is running against ex-sheriff Roy Tarnower and the good old boy network that’s always run Diamond Springs. Having two unsolved murders and a shooting doesn’t help her image. It seems like a crime wave to the small town.

Roy’s ahead in the polls. Sharyn’s sister is picked up for shoplifting. And Nick has decided that it’s time to be more than friends.

Book Details:

Thomas Bouregy and Co.
Book 6 - Avalon Books


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The cover art  design and illustration of "Dreams Don't Last" by Tess Anson (DSG)

Sheriff Sharyn Howard fact...

Sheriff Sharyn Howard has a degree in law but hasn't taken the bar exam.


"DREAMS DON'T LAST is written in such a way that the writers show a story instead of telling it.  Buy this book and then give yourself plenty of time to read it.  I do not suggest reading this book alone as it is harrowing in places.  Fingernail biters beware!  Four stars for sure."

 --Bobby R. Woodall - author of CLEARWATER




Excerpt from "Dreams Don't Last"...

She looked down at Caison who had drifted into unconsciousness. Blood had seeped down his arm and across his chest. He looked helpless, and for once, at the mercy of something larger than himself. The man had enemies. There was no doubting that fact. He’d probably made enemies even he wasn’t aware of with his blustering and his power moves.

 “Only one of the guns fired that ball,” Nick replied. “There must be a way to tell which one.”

She nodded. “And only two or three hundred of them to go through to find out.”

“What was he doing up there alone?” Ernie wondered as the paramedics lifted the senator to put him on stretcher. “The man doesn’t go to the bathroom without an escort!”

Sharyn grimaced. “We’ve probably already lost any forensics that might have been here.”

 “I’ll call Keith and get a team out here,” Nick said, taking out his cell phone.

“Let’s see if we can find the senator’s car,” Sharyn suggested. “If he got here alone, he must have driven here himself. Ernie, get Joe on the line and find out if Mr. Phillips had any idea of the senator’s intentions. He had to be out here for some reason.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

 “Sharyn, Faye’s here. I’m going to take her to the hospital,” Selma told her. “If there’s word about anything, we’ll be there.”

‘Thanks, Aunt Selma,” Sharyn said seeing her mother’s tear stained face in the crowd at the door.

 “So, what’s next?” Nick asked gruffly, seeing the look on her face.

Sharyn forced herself to look away from her mother’s expression. “First, we round up all the weapons that were stored here and tag them for evidence. Then we sit down and talk to the re-enactors and find out if any of them are bad shots but they really wanted to kill the senator. Who else would shoot a man with a musket?”






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